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All information presented below (text, banners, video) may be used freely, without Bee Breeders' written permission, by any media, but only for purposes relating to the London Affordable Housing Challenge competition.

For potential media partners who are interested in covering competition winners, please contact us at: [email protected]

The Bee Breeders Affordable Housing Challenge series turns its attention to London, tasking participants with devising creative solutions to the complicated crisis in Britain’s capital.

The city’s property prices have increased at an exponential rate with no signs of stopping, making the act of buying a home a pipedream for all but the incredibly wealthy. As the latest in a series of architecture competitions inviting architecture enthusiasts from around the world to create solutions to the affordable housing crisis, Bee Breeders are searching for innovative and adaptable designs that could be incorporated into London’s iconic skyline.

The competition is now open until October 9, 2018. Winners of the US $6,000 prize will be announced on November 28, 2018. Visit for more information and to download images and our media pack.


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